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Perfect Impressions has been in business since 1986 and has become a premier dental lab recognizing and utilizing the latest in digital dentistry.

Traditional methods for creating impressions involve materials and trays that are uncomfortable to the patient. Many dentists are moving away from these traditional methods to improve patient satisfaction, reduce chair time, and provide more precise and accurate impression.

Perfect Impressions CAD/CAM technology includes E4D/PlanMeca PlanScan and PlanMill allowing you to perform highly advanced, powder free digital restorations for quick turn around on crowns, inlays, onlays, bridges and veneers.

Perfect Impressions accepts digital scans from your existing technology including Itero, Sirona, 3M, and 3 Shape.

Talk to Perfect Impressions about a low cost scanner lease program for only $199 per month. No data transfer fees, no license fees, and unlimited support.

Perfect Impressions provides 3 levels of excellence:

  • Premier – Posterior restorations available from traditional or digital impressions for patients with basic needs at a lower cost. Digital scan w/o model.
  • Elite Single unit posterior or anterior, digital or PVS with model
  • Signature – High level for function, cosmetic and esthetics. Multi-unit and central anterior or posterior

All levels include infection control, model preparation, microscopic die trimming, articulation and pick-up and delivery.  Normal turn-around time is 10 business days for single unit cases.

Perfect Impressions will help you grow your practice by providing continued education and training on the latest digital technologies

Perfect Impressions is conveniently located in Northwest Plano with easy access to North Dallas Parkway, George Bush and 121 highways.  Local lab.

Our state of the art 4000 sq. ft. facility includes color correct lighting and custom shade room, providing a comfortable setting for your patients.